Ancestral Possession: Whānau Addictions

My theory. One I truly believe in.

I don't even know how to describe it. You could call it a genetic burden. A makutu.

A curse.

You ever know someone, love someone. Who can be such a beautiful person, a kind person.

Then they switch ...

Most don't understand why this happens, most take it personally. In this generation when anyone exposes a hint of darkness ... we run.

We are taught to leave them, unfriend them, break up with them, avoid them. In most cases, it's sensible to do so. But in many cases, when it's your own family or the love of your life - it's heartbreaking.

Psychology looks at the history of a person, from the life they currently live. Childhood, upbringing, family. While these are all relevant areas to investigate potential trauma. I believe our ancestry and culture should also be considered.

Our DNA is made up of the genetics of both our parents and the lineage before them. When it comes to our appearances, skin colour, eye colour, skills, learning patterns -this is a fact. But what if I told you, we also inherit the emotional wisdom and the wounds of those who hadn't a chance to heal before us.

This may sound extreme. But if we think of domestic cycles, addictions, and similar behavioral traits through generations of family. This theory might not sound too far away with the fairies. We are all aware of the long term damage a traumatic upbringing can have. But there are many stories of those who come out of it, and those who don't. Despite the same struggle. Why is that?

This is a spiritual belief of mine. One I have noticed first hand with people I love. Related and non-related.

The pain is woven into their being and can not be undone unless it starts to be acknowledged.

Through my own experience, Māori and other indigenous cultures tend to have a stronger presence in this area of Ancestral possession. I believe its due to our painful history of our cultural identity being stripped from us as well as our strong belief and practices in spirituality. These emotions from our ancestors are heavy to carry and the 'applicants' being from the same strong bloodline are already so magnetic and vulnerable to this type of energy.

As a result, normal and social practices are not satisfying enough due to the weight they are carrying unknowingly. Happiness is harder to reach. Their purpose is harder to discover.

These people tend to lean towards more instant gratification. No matter the consequence. Its the only way they can reach the same mental fulfillment as those without such heavy burdens.

This is where addictions can start. Drugs, gambling, drinking, infidelity or promiscuity. That instant gratification.

If the underlying truth isn't dealt with - then the cycle continues. Throughout their lives and the little lives they produce.

Carrying the weight of ancestral and past trauma throughout your life not only deteriorates your value of life, but it ruins relationships, families and can diminish your physical health. It makes you sick. I strongly believe all emotional and spiritual turmoil results in poor physical well being.

Shortly explained, here are my steps to recovery and breaking the cycle:

1.) Identify & Acknowledge

Acknowledge you are not whole, it's natural not to believe or question your feelings when you don't understand them yourself. You need to acknowledge something deeper is unbalanced. TALK ABOUT IT - IDENTIFY IT

2.) Acceptance

Accept you need help and support. There is no shame in that, only BRAVERY.

3.) Eradicate

Go cold turkey. Take away all temptation you struggle with. Counseling, spiritual or cultural healing (miri miri, etc) is a great support for this stage. Programmes or Rehabs. Eventually, you can introduce whatever it is back in your life when you're healed and strong.

4.) Replace

Replace the need for gratification with progression.

Let the progress of your goals and success be the rush you seek.

5.) Move & Nourish

Fuel your mind, body, and soul with all the nutrients, wisdom and love it needs to flourish! We are talking about healthy eating, being active, surrounding yourself with loved ones and taking it easy.

6.) Consistency

If you go off the rails a bit, get back on track.

I believe many people are unknowingly suffering. It could be someone you know or even yourself. Your world doesn't have to feel so heavy - or alone. If you have tried to identify your concerns with no success, its time to literally start thinking outside the box. Thinking outside the norm.

We should begin to normalise spiritual healing. We need to start learning and understanding there is a deeper energy that can effect who we are.

 "Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou"

- Seek after learning for the sake of your wellbeing. 🙏🏽💖

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