Sam I Am

The thought of starting a blog wasn't new, I use to write quite often. It was therapeutic to me, especially when I found myself as a new mother, a young mother. I found sharing my truth not only helped with self-healing but also benefited the lives of others who have a similar path ahead of them.

My name is Samantha Knightbridge. I do, prefer being called Sam though I don't often admit this. I am an Artist. I have recently transitioned my creativity from an online business to now only pursing through passion and professionalism.

I'm 25 years young, born and raised in West Auckland, New Zealand. Where I still happily reside.

I’m proudly of Māori and British descent, being raised with a great insight between privileged and indigenous cultures has molded my character, values and beliefs. All which I care about deeply. They are seeds I now plant in the heart of my daughter, and future children.

I was a teen mother. With much hardship I still made it to University and graduated with my Bachelors in Arts. I was labelled and treated with severe mental health problems from a young age. I had to reach adolescence to learn they weren’t problems but spiritual traits I just didn’t know how to handle. Some called it anxiety, I called it energy.

My empathy is insane. Another result of being an artist I guess. Mental & spiritual health is a priority, I’ve lost too many too it. It’s sparked my interest in natural healing, which is a field I now work in. I have worked in nightclubs to bookstores, catering for the average Joe to famous celebrities. I've walked many different paths in this short life time, though my creativity and my spirituality is soulfully engraved. They are elements that have helped me to help others. Which I choose to do holistically - through our mind, body & spirit.

Welcome to my little world of Hauora. ✨

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